Who We Are
TRAVEL HELPLINE, Inc. is a privately held, family-run company with a global reach and a 40-year proven track record. We are owned by American Marketing Group, Inc., which is also the parent company of another after-hours service called agent24. Together, we provide superior service to the majority of the after-hours travel assistance market worldwide.
What We Do
We provide business travelers with an unsurpassed standard of service as they travel the globe. TRAVEL HELPLINE, Inc. combines state-of-the-art technology with the most personalized service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Corporate travelers can have peace of mind knowing they always have someone to turn to for help when they need it. Corporate travel managers also appreciate the cost savings our service delivers.
How We Can Help You
Whether you’re a corporate travel manager or a travel agent serving corporate clients, we completely understand your needs. With that knowledge, we put all of our global resources to work for you every day so you can keep business travelers safe and effectively manage travel expenditures. Everyone wins!
After-Hours Global Travel Service.
Travel Safely. Control Costs.
That's your mission. Corporate travelers want peace of mind and travel assistance whenever they need it so they can focus on the business at hand. CEOs and CFOs expect you to manage those travel expenses in a way that supports the company's overall profitability.

Now you can accomplish both of these objectives... easily and cost-effectively! How? With the expert consultants at TRAVEL HELPLINE backing you up.

We have 40 years of experience, and along with our sister company, we successfully service the majority of the global after-hours travel assistance market.

We'll happily do the day-to-day work for you. And the best part is…you'll get all the credit!